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Something like a college 
Where you supposedly gain knowledge 
A beautiful campus set in a bad city 
The time and place to get extremely shitty 
Now the people are of their own 
And their wealth is very much shown 
Frat boys drinking all over the yard 
Girls running their daddy’s credit card 
Known for basketball and the Dome 
Expensive cars and rockin the chrome 
BMW, porche, benz and audi 
These japs know how to fucking party 
Look for the uggs in the snow 
Cause the bar scene is always a go 
Faegans if you’re official 
Lucy’s for the superficial 
Head to Chucks—it’s the sports bar 
Then walk to Harry’s cause its not far 
Cross the street, Darwins for some shots 
and if all else fails, Maggies is the one for the tots 

Aside from the drinking watch out for the drugs, 
The campus food and girls giving out fake hugs 
Be aware that it will snow and rain 
But when the sun comes out you’ll go flip flop insane 
If you’re a freshman don’t carry the orange lanyards 
If you’re a sophomore yell FRESHMEN outta your cars 
If you’re a junior you’re probably abroad overseas 
And if you’re a senior live it up, please! 

Senior Sundays 
Chillin Mondays 
Tuesday box of wine (bring the loot) 
Wednesday, rock paper scissor…shoot 
Thirsty Thurs, the weekend starts no doubt 
Themed party on Fri… yep another blackout 
Sat? Lots to do then 
After that…start the cycle over again. 

Work as hard or as little as you please 
But be prepared to explain those C’s 
Newhouse for communications 
Greek houses for crazy initiations 
Fake sun at Garbo’s upstairs 
Sit out at Starbucks on the chairs 
J.Michaels for the latest styles 
Marshall Street: all smiles 

All colleges seem somewhat the same 
After all it’s one big game 
Tell the parents you’re studying and staying in 
Hang up the phone, let the fun begin 
However Cuse is unlike any other, just so grand 
But unless you go here… you just.. wouldn’t.. understand.

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syracuse university; according to urban dictionary.



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My face feels naked. 

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If you look at my short record of who I’ve liked and/or like.

They have almost nothing in common. 

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