Being a college student is weird. 

You wake up at 11, if you’re lucky
Tired and groggy and
Probably angry or annoyed at something, anything, or everything.
The work you didn’t do,
the grade you didn’t get,
the person who didn’t text you back.
So much is going on all at once, and you can’t exactly keep up.
It’s impossible to keep up.

And you’re tired, always tired.
And probably a little bit ungrateful.
You have everything with that education waiting for you to just take.

But sometimes you’re too tired to move, to think, to feel.
Though the last two will happen inevitably,
You will still try to not deal with them.
You eat something, and then get tired again.
Coffee doesn’t do it anymore, but you try everyday anyway,
hoping this time you’ll get your shit together.

No one told you this would happen,
No one warned you about the emptiness of everyday,
the hole in your stomach, the weights on your heart.
A lonely that finds you midday and late at night, paralyzing you,
Yet it’s here and it happened.
You make lists that you lose,
You gym for a week and don’t go back for three.
You drink with your friends because it’s what you’re supposed to do.
But all any of that does is make you tired.
We are so tired. 

16 Mar 14 at 8 pm
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It’s like this
You wake up tired. 
But you have all these things to do, 
So you spend most of the day 
trying to not be tired, to stay awake, to move 
to be 
and that makes you even more 
Now I’m here, 
and I just want to sleep. 
I’ve done none of those things, and I can’t. 
Because I’m tired. 

14 Jun 13 at 8 pm

3 hour drive. 2 hour wait. 2 hour flight. 3 hour layover. 5 hour flight. 4 hour layover. 1.5 hour cab drive. #tired (at Hotel Quito)

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3 hour drive. 2 hour wait. 2 hour flight. 3 hour layover. 5 hour flight. 4 hour layover. 1.5 hour cab drive. #tired  (at Hotel Quito)
21 May 13 at 9 am

Woke up to a bro-tein shake. Let’s do this, early morning workout-get buff thing..or try. Sorry about my frightening morning face also I modified the pink prison a bit. 

Things I am good at: 

  • laying in bed
  • eating
  • scrolling 
  • repeat


There were so many I felt the need to catalog them of sorts 

  • American Apparel turquoise UNICEF shirts sent directly to us from headquarters in NYC, they were so soft
  • Iced coffee and bagel (WHAT HAS NEW YORK DONE TO ME)
  • Tabling/bonding with my e-board
  • Using the sun as a blanket. 
  • CHILDISH GAMBINO AND CALVIN HARRIS, both of whom I didn’t know I thoroughly enjoyed
  • Dancing and being silly with all my friends.
  • People watching was phenomenal today. 
  • Seeing my old roommates and laughing. 
  • Talks/Kimmel eats with Dave! <3 

My day was filled with all kinds of tired awesome.

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I get so tired IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DAY 

Then I can’t decide between;

  • Sleeping
  • OR forcing myself to stay awake and actually be productive. 

All I ever want to do is sleep. 

the thoughts lost in thinking.

My cousin has multiple men she’s balancing all at once…And she’s 573700873962 times more awkward than me.


Totes jelly.

03 Dec 10 at 3 pm
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I was followed by a squirrel.


I might crack this weekend,

I have a re-write, a research paper, a government paper, a WGS final, and another topic paper all due next week, and tomorrow is the UNICEF Ball. 


I’m at my wits end. 

Now the biggest decision at present I have to make is the choice between: