10 Nov 13 at 9 pm
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I’m uncomfortable, 
Here, there, and everywhere, 
In my own body, in my own skin, I am restless. 
However, you might remember my skin or my scars, 
My scars have new friends now. 
Reminders of past and present, 
Evidence that time has re-shaped me, reformed me. 
With new pieces you can’t recognize, 
Thus don’t expect me, you won’t know me, 
Unless I share those innermost parts of me, 

But don’t hold your breath,
                                              even I can’t find those. 

20 Oct 13 at 5 pm

sultry selfies taken in our townhouse. 

we go back to Santi today -9 hours in the bus.

the gurls got drunk and jumped into the pool. 

10 Dec 11 at 4 pm

Face time. I felt mighty purty yesterday:) 

tags: personal  face  time 
Face time. I felt mighty purty yesterday:) 
10 Apr 11 at 9 pm

One day, we’ll all get this message. 

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One day, we’ll all get this message. 

Nothing but a week to order in, read, watch movies and not wear pants, normally paradise but here? I might probably go crazy. 

My roommate luckily lives here and plans to make sure I am sane every few days. Love her. Best Asian in the world fah real. 

Last Friday, I drunkenly told her we are sisters and I love her. I said it alot.Ya know, cuz I was drunk. Also that Laura Frank is the yang to my yin. And that Hannah would be my best friend if she wasn’t busy with her sorority stuff. AND that I could see myself joining a convent….Drunk people never tell no lies.

Oh Texas, I miss you so.