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I don’t know if he’ll see this, how creepy he is, but since it is sort of connected to my twitter and he’s an active tweeter, there’s a chance but oh well.I feel like we only talk when it’s his birthday haha and that’s when I text him and I just did. 

Apart of my beloved man tribe, and my senior prom date, our class valedictorian, who found himself at Stanford studying economics, he was ALMOST an IR major like myself but I suppose the other discipline seemed more appealing to him. With a little brother my sister’s age, it’s always been interesting to sort of grow up together with and around them. His brother is much like my sister, loud and outgoing whereas the elders are more cautious and calculating. Like negative and positive attraction, for awhile there I got along better with his brother and my sister preferred him, most interesting when thinking of personality types.

Anywho, when I think of him, it’s one of those things where I don’t think our friendship is over, merely on a break, separated by the continental U.S. For I think we’ll meet up sometime…ever have that feeling with people? 
That you’re not done yet?

  • Cat people vs dog people, even more metaphorical coffee people vs tea people. 
  • Tendencies to fall for betas over alphas
  • What is it that keeps everyone from being honest about everything all the time
  • The clarity of the night, and cloudiness of day. 
  • How we’re beginning to look wierd because the majority of our hanging out is between 2am-7am. 
  • Yeah.