I feel like Twitter is the home base of misogynistic privileged douchebags who hide behind the 140 character limit to make condescending ignorant remarks concerning politics or society or how women should be in the kitchen making sandwiches or how Republican women are better looking than Democratic women or complaining about having to press one for English and so on and so forth. 

Meanwhile, Tumblr is the safe haven for everyone who recognizes these ridiculous arguments and can argue against them and back it up with factual information and aren’t afraid to take up some paragraphs to do so. 

Long story short, people piss me off and this is my frustration in scattered phrases.

Working out with weights with my brother

Daniel: I need to extend my arms, (dangling 15 pounds of metal over my face)
Sierra: NO! Don't do that! You're going to drop that on my face and I'm going to be disformed and I'll never get married!
Daniel: Is marriage all you think about?
Sierra: ...no...maybe...yeah..

Just had a thought. 

Right now what do most girls bitch about? Their weight and/or their single status, not always in that order but thats a general overview. And yeah, I like most people, am more or less displeased with that, but, man. 

This is what I’ll probably be thinking about in the back of my head for the next what? 10 years? 20 years? Till I’m married and can blame bodily woes on my spawn? 

Though, I will not stop eating and whore myself out Ke$ha style, but like everything there is a balance to this unhappiness to…happy.

Life’s too short to keep on keepin’ on with that thought train. 

Just some thoughtful thoughts about my Texas upbringing…oh the run on sentences…

I come from the land of big tall strong manly “I can chop down a tree WHILE I skin this deer right here” type men. My dad is one of these men and fits that ideal man. Oh, he’s tall. And yeah, you better believe he’s burly. 

The more I think on it, the more unfair it is for men and for women. If men have to uphold this sort of stereotype whats it doing to the women but keeping them/us like in need of them to do “the heavy lifting” and stuff. 

But then again, I’d be lying if I said I did not want a person who was strong and manly in the sense they could protect me if a situation arose. I like that idea, in fact the pathetic girl in me almost needs that idea. 

But what can I expect, in Texas, a land much of the world has already stapled with its stereotypes, some true and some untrue, there is almost no other way. No room for another. ITS LIKE DISNEY. Kay. I’m done. 

the thoughts lost in thinking.

03 May 11 at 7 pm

Oh, West Texas. A magical place of guns and well, more guns. 

Oh, West Texas. A magical place of guns and well, more guns.