09 Dec 13 at 11 pm

My sister made a thing for finals

My sister made a thing for finals

I hate studying for hours on end,
subjects that seem to make only less sense the longer you stare at them. 

But I love the people it brings together.

I love studying with friends, understanding each others pain. 
I love studyng with aquaintances who through the studying you become better friends.
I love studying with strangers around, because even though you don’t know each other, you both understand the angst, the frustration, and are sympathetic to each other, and various sorts of studying.

It brings us together. There’s something about having someone across the table, next to you, or even in the room studying with you. It’s like you’re not alone. 

I love it. 
But, I hate finals week.  

My answer: Because you’re up. Duh.