23 Apr 14 at 2 am
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I reserve the right to remain bitter. 

23 Apr 14 at 1 am
tags: personal 

the good

  • hummus
  • feminist theory 
  • professors that care about you 
  • sunny days 
  • tanned skin

the bad 

  • you
  • and you 
  • the fact that coffee has stopped working on me
  • outstanding assignments 
  • apathy 
  • empathy
  • sympathy 

the truth

  • fries and bbq sauce
  • oatmeal colored sweaters 
  • vegan cookies 
  • feminist theory

The things I am salty about 

  • My oldest little brother
  • capitalist patriarchy
  • you 
23 Apr 14 at 1 am

I love Kevin. 

tags: personal 
dying. I love Kevin. 
22 Apr 14 at 10 pm
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I’m not even playin…anytime my family calls me more than 3 times in a short amount of time I automatically assume someone has passed away

woke up to 3 calls from my sister, immediately panicked. 
turns out she just wanted to talk 


My life is a movie. A well written rom-com, where i’m still always single..

So I saw her, and I did my best to avoid her, I even put my hood up and kept walking and STILL she ended up right in front of me. 

Quickly asked about Saturday, and how I am, and if I was tired that I looked tired and stressed and again how am I. All questions I’d love to tell her, but all answers I know would take work to bring up and so, here I am, I brushed off everything she asked for. I’m withholding information, I’m using my agency. I don’t need her. I want her.
But I don’t need her I will be fine. 

22 Apr 14 at 5 pm
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A random woman in the Life Sciences building smiled as she walked past and told me that I looked pretty. This is not the first time this has happened but each time it does I am always so stunned and so shocked. 

Strangers tell me I’m beautiful, and they’re strangeness to me, how they don’t know me, well that’s really what is most beautiful about all of this, isn’t it? She gains nothing from it, but I gain some happy. 

22 Apr 14 at 1 pm

My hair is soft. My skin is browning again with the sun.
My family loves me. My friends love me. 
I am smart. I should be happy.

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I hate meeting people (women or men) who complain about having no friends of the opposite sex or same sex, or ANYONE because they always want ‘more’ and they can’t understand why they don’t have more friends because they’re ‘nice’ people. 

Just no. Get away from me. 
It’s obviously something you do, not them. 
And, I can’t help you. 

22 Apr 14 at 12 pm
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I feel…back. 
I’m good at networking, I have friends. I don’t need you. Any of you. 
I am loved. 
I love myself. 

This dude breh told me that if he was a girl, he’d wear a necklace like mine. Which struck me. Later, I realized I should have said

"Dude breh, why do you have to be a girl?
Wear necklaces if ya want..do what you want.”  

21 Apr 14 at 11 am


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The cheetos I eat at 1 am are probably why I don’t have the **~*~body~*~** that I want pero like whatever 

20 Apr 14 at 11 pm
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Currently putting my efforts towards being surrounded by people who know me and love me, in the friendly uncomplicated acceptable way. 

I don’t need anything else, I’ve never needed anything else, right?
No one needs me and I don’ t need anyone else. 

I know good people. I go where they are. 
I’ll be fine. I think. 

Towards positivity and love. 

Emotionally: Unavailable

19 Apr 14 at 7 pm


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