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24 Jul 14 at 1 am

Dear new followers,
Do not let the red lipsticked sex bomb avatar fool you, this is what I actually look like 99.78% of the time.

A flat chested, no makeup-ed, bespectacled, brown dweeb in old cut up t-shirts…..

Dear old followers,
Thanks for hanging with the dweeb.
Management. 😘😘😘

That avatar is mad deceiving, ha I’m actually a nerd dweeb who wears baggy shirts and ugly sweaters and black skinnies with dark circles under eyes and your standard thin black framed hipster glasses and like that’s my life. Like idek who that is

23 Jul 14 at 4 pm
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Thinking youre attractive but having a lot of insecurities is like having a crush on yourself but not knowing if you like yourself back.

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22 Jul 14 at 10 pm

Snap chat: sierracuse

Snap chat: sierracuse

22 Jul 14 at 10 pm

thingsarestartingtogetstrange showed up wearing red lipstick and I had to put mine on. And. So this happened.

22 Jul 14 at 6 pm

I think someone might be having a good hair day….

22 Jul 14 at 1 pm



22 Jul 14 at 12 pm

All the greats wrote pants-less.

All the greats wrote pants-less.
22 Jul 14 at 11 am
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In this mornings edition: The blender exploded on me.
Painting my shake contents over most of the kitchen including my very own body.

22 Jul 14 at 3 am

Okay but that time I had really long hair and wore actual colors??

Okay but that time I had really long hair and wore actual colors??

See like the fact that I could never post a topless pic kinda upsets me they’re not even that impressive but I’m still annoyed I did this to myself

I get the creepy following that could begin with that ish but still it’s kind of liberating right? To be seen in manner I control, in a “safe” place and not where what others think about me would/could change.

In so many ways the only side I ever show or hear about is the intellectual in me, the angry feminist intellectual and she’s totally real but I’m also a brain and a body. Both brain and body like recognition as such. Physicality cannot be ignored.

Not gonna lie guys I wish I kinda kept my blog private as in away from peeps who knew me IRL or was that kind of blog so I could be like “here’s me naked” sometimes without feeling sketched out or sketching y’all out with my nakedness…