06 Jan 13 at 1 pm
tags: personal  w  night 

even under the spell of sleep, 
with the company of silent shadows,
in the dark of the early morn, 
my soul has grown heavy. 

I love questions like 

cats or dogs?
tea or coffee?
night or day?
chocolate or vanilla?

They’re simple, but telling.  

20 Feb 12 at 4 am
tags: personal  I'm dumb  night 

Now that I’m being completely unproductive. I think I’ll go to bed. 

Activities Include:

  • Movies
  • Hulu
  • Eating*(See Snacks)
  • Listening to sad music
  • Listening to happy music
  • Listening to drunk sorority girl neighbors
  • Facebook
  • Tumblr

Possible Snacks Include:

  • Day Old Chinese Food 
  • Easy Mac 
  • Butter Lovers Popcorn
  • Fruit (Yeah right)
  • Other vending machine amenities 


Haha realization tonight. 

I went out with my friends to a Lumberjack party, haha and as customary we pregamed this time in my room, and after a rough start we were off! 

Ha first party, Lumberjack fail. It was fun but I was too sober to enjoy it, isn’t that sad? I have to be drunk to enjoy something like a cool kickback, but it was awkward and I was there in pursuit of time with my perfect man, Brian Salemi. 

But even I cannot take so much awkward time, and leaving was upon us. 

Party numero 2, haha more fun, still awkward yet again no alcohol. I think the big guy upstairs is trying to get a message across, alcohol does not equal fun. But I had fun being stupid with my friends, I’m so glad to have had them there with me haha especially my girl Bree, I think I’ve found a friend in her. 

When we left we decided to call it a night and I met about a million of my friends on the street, from Jack to Topenga to Mark! Twas perfect. I had fun running around with them and going to Kimmel. 

Haha and then our attempted jumping pictures on the way home! They were all but one a fail hahahaha, but it was perfect. 

I like having found this new joy of nights where,

A) I don’t hook up with strangers

B) Am not so wasted I can’t feel my face. 

I was just with my friends, and I was happy to be there. :) 

My answer: Because you’re up. Duh.