22 Aug 11 at 12 pm
tags: Dan  Laura  Sam  home  kids  natives  personal 

I guess being home has helped and hurt my feelings about my sister and brothers being at home without me. Yeah, Laura is awful at knowing when to be mean and knowing when to be nice to Dan and Sam. Yeah, Daniel is a cocky douche-lord sometimes. And, yeah Sam is left out of alot of things, because he’s the youngest who doesn’t really fit in with Dad and Daniel and their hunting outdoorisms…but. I think they’ll be alright. 

I wish I could be here for them through everything, like I know I never ever get to see Daniel play soccer, and I’ll miss most if not all of Sam’s football and basketball games and Laura’s senior prom this year. It sucks. 

Being at home with them, even this past weekend on our trip to Dallas for his soccer tournament, though stressful, it was fun to all be together. And when I’m so happy around them, its almost like leaving for school is impossible.