Is there anyway I can block any and ALL of 1D relationship stuff on my dash? Because I cannot even begin to quantify how much I do not care. 

Hey tumblr fam! I’m kind of drunk and on the way home (After ice cream at the 25th best ice cream shop in the world, and fries and beer at probably one of the dinkiest little shops with the cutest waiter/cook man ever and Alex) I had a thought and that is, you guys. 

My tumblr community, and how much I appreciate all of you, and I’m sorry I’m a mess but I’m also so grateful to you guys putting up with me, and it. 
That you guys are my friends even when I don’t want to talk about anything but just know someone is there. 

SO again, spanx! <3 

My dad has had a beard since before I was born, like I came out the womb and there he was all bearded waiting for his first kid. I literally wouldn’t recognize him without his beard. He has ALWAYS had this beard. This beard is as much apart of him as his nose or his elbow…I’ve NEVER seen him without it in all my 21 years. 

So imagine my shock today when I learned he said  out of the blue to  my mom "You know, I love you. I love you a lot…"
(Meanwhile she’s is slightly freaking out not knowing where this is going or what he’s going to say next…he continues….) 
"I just want you to know that I love you so much, that if you asked me to, I’d shave my beard for you."  

To which she then confused but appropriately responded with 
"You know I love you so much, I would never ask you to shave your beard.

Guys, we all know…beards mean serious bidness. 
They got the love, they do, and I know I want this.
I want whatever this is, this true love. 


To the last few message me I went to check you out and I accidentally hit ignore…send me a message Idk how to un-ignore. I don’t ignore any of you! 
the worst

I am like you, in fact, I am you.

I fall in love with strangers, 
I take the day for granted,
I have odd habits and peculiar observances, 
I wish I didn’t to the things that I did,
I regret the things that I do,

Sometimes I get lost in my thoughts, 
so lost I forget you,
I forget all of you, that I am so identical to. 

I hope you remember me, remember that
I am like you.

We are the same.
We are people. 

And because we are the same, remember that,
I love you.
And because I love you, remember that,
I shall try not to forget you,
And because I’ll remember you, remember that,
I will not leave you bereft and alone.

Remember that. 
Remember me.  

Sierra: I'm creeping your facebook.
Tony: Be quiet though, my wall posts are sleeping.
27 Jan 12 at 1 pm

Tobert, my British friend, on llamas. 

"I think that although I admire their vegetarian ways, they offer little support to economical matters. Just merely running round with their winter coats."

16 Aug 11 at 4 pm


Attack of the MayoKetchup. (Taken with instagram)


Attack of the MayoKetchup. (Taken with instagram)
15 Aug 11 at 1 am
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Reasons why I love Isaac Garcia:

Isaac: Can we please find boys this year?
27 Jun 11 at 12 am


I have two. Deal with it.

Sierra Cruz. The girl bestie. Born and raised in West Texas like me. She has a younger sister and two younger brothers. They all hate me. Her parents, Leticia and Big whiskers, however, love me. Ha. I met her freshman year of high school in our PE class. I though…

Because I’m narcissistic, (just kidding!) and love being talked about, also kidding. I’ma reblog this. 

Also, Madrid. I love you more than words can explain. Yesterday when we were together you LITERALLY took the words out of my mouth and said what I was going to say SECONDS before I got the chance too. You are perfect. And I’m so happy I know you. And I’m fairly sure you have at least one and half natives on your side. Princess likes ya and I think Daniel is starting to come around. Something Blade will never do for me… :S

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Elia out of the box: Day 07: Your best friend, in great detail
02 Apr 11 at 1 pm
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