11 Dec 13 at 10 pm
tags: personal  home life 

My sister’s been calling me harry styles because of my monochramatic choices of clothes and hair and stuff, I honestly don’t mind it. I want his closet, and I still need black skinnies and we’re laying in bed watching Nashville, these accents I can’t. 

11 Dec 13 at 12 pm

Cute n sad~ taking my sister and my little brother to lunch soon.
just had a heated feelsy talk with my dad where I did suggest the family counselor and idk cried. fuk this man. at least my sparkle nails are cool. just gonna listen to Bastille till I feel better and try and work on my paper~~

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29 Dec 12 at 11 pm
tags: personal  home life 


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Now that I’m home again, I get to use my little brother as a fashion consultant.
He has a passive aggressive approach.

If he just stares, I should change.
If he blinks at me, the outfit is a win.
If he breathes and blinks at the SAME time, I’m basically FASHION.

It’s so good to be home! :D

Late night Whataburger with my little brother <333 I love him! He brought the vegetarian a grilled cheese on Texas toast! The best. I was lost in the stupid feels earlier but now I am touched by his 15 year old self and have something to sincerely smile about :D

27 Dec 12 at 9 pm
tags: home life  personal 

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27 Dec 12 at 8 pm
tags: personal  home life 

Being home you pick up a few habits you thought you’d lost whilst at school. 

Such as 

  • Standing in front of the fridge when you’re not even hungry
  • Petty fights with siblings 
  • Ensnaring the cat for coerced cuddles 


02 Sep 12 at 1 pm
tags: personal  home life 

SO I’m downstairs sitting at the dining room table nomming on some grapes, the whole house is empty and I’ve been confused but go with it because that’s my house sometimes and my brother runs down the stairs points at me and says 

"No more food for you! Mom and Dad are going to pick us up for lunch. Go upstairs and change!" 

Yessir smallish teenage brother sir. 

Guess my bacon strips shirt didn’t make the cut…

So my sister just called me from her room...

Laura: *calls me from across the hall*
Sierra: Seriously?
Laura: I have to go Subway.
Sierra: What?
Laura: I just had a dream about Subway.
Laura: Now I have to go to Subway.
Laura: The dream Sierra, THE DREAM

I walk into my room and the cat is sitting on the Vera. 

my perfect excuse for not leaving the house today?

it’s 106 outside,

and this day I choose life and not death by dehydration and heat stroke.

03 Aug 12 at 3 am
tags: personal  home life  what 

listening to christmas jams at 2 am with a grey cat in your lap

So far today I’ve

  • hung laundry on the line in the backyard like Little House on the Prairie
  • fed myself
  • watched 2 episodes of The Tudors
  • changed my cover photo
  • cuddled my cat

Now I think I shall bike in the Texas sun. 

Mom comes in tells me not to take a nap.

Nap anyway.