01 Oct 13 at 2 pm



"Kind of like my roommate. Waking up is a struggle for her, well really just mornings. Which makes sense because that’s when reality slaps us in the face."

I really wish I could figure out why hate and love are so closely connected.

I mean I know they’re two of the strongest emotions, but I feel like there is a mere switch to turn on or off for love to become hate, or hate to become love. 

Like, the passion. I don’t get it. 

Also I feel like the guys that I hate, Sparkle, Vineyard, my Arch Nemesis, if I gave them a shot with maybe the exception of Sparkle, I could just as easily love them if I got to know them, because the emotions are so close. 

Because that strong feeling, emotion, hate is so close to love. It’s like if I hate them so much, how easy would it be to love them as strongly? 

Air Orange X I hate you. You claim to be quicker and more reliable than ever but in reality you are never there! You are unpredictable, and I hate you.