16 Jul 14 at 3 pm

My friend.


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"Ed Sheeran has a way of making me think I’m in love and love is a bastard I’ll be damned to let into my mind."

Dad: why do you wanna fight with me? (Whiny cutesy voice)
Mom: because you say the wrong things. (No nonsense voice)
08 Jul 14 at 11 pm



i took these like a month ago n forgot about them so i’m gonna post em now @ 11:48 pm 

Is that what we’re doing? Okay rocknrollercoaster and farfromthepacific and other tumblr famous amigos like horcha-ta (I think that’s you) really counting on y’all to reblog my selfies and spread the face around so your thousands of followers can see it Thankssss luv u
04 Jul 14 at 1 am
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STRAIGHT. confirmed on 2.15.13

or should I say “I fancy ‘mixed relationships’”?

22 Jun 14 at 4 pm

Vegans that talk about being vegan all the time

"But I’m not an obnoxious vegan,
I’m a ‘cool’ vegan."

18 Dec 13 at 6 pm

During the holidays, Gladware will gladly fuk you over 

During the holidays, Gladware will gladly fuk you over 
24 Jan 13 at 10 am


"Dude, he’s a Republican..that’s like dating the devil. We talked about abortion. Sh*t went down."

"The Chinese are cruel but smart, I respect that."

08 Aug 12 at 11 pm

Demo Gakidis talking about humans as if they were a cup of coffee

"I love a good ethnic blend."

My sister talking to her friend about her hot older brother

Friend: You better not take advantage of him Laura
Laura: OH. I'll take advantage of him...
Friend: No I mean you better not screw him over.
Laura: OH. I'll screw--
Friend: ...

phone calls from sierra

sierra calls me.....
me: hi sierra
sierra: jalapeno or cheddar cheese?
me: cheddar
sierra: ok bye
that was the entire conversation.....highlight of my night : D

I lost the evolutionary game. 

No m8s you see. 

What an odd melodramatic way of thinking at 19. 

05 Mar 12 at 10 pm

Sara K. and midterm woes

"So I’m writing a paper on zebra fish and I want to die."

25 Feb 12 at 1 pm


How else did we have a guinea pig, a hamster, a dog, two cats, about four LLAMAS growing up?? 

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Had a dream Jennifer Lopez was my cousin, I was going to inherit from her and she was going to build me a house in Syracuse. 

Then I woke up and remembered she’s Puerto Rican. I’m Mexican.
That could never happen.