20 Jun 14 at 11 pm
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couples who blog together stay together

Me: My friend thinks your buff
Sambro: She want the d or what?
Me: She’s not on your team, you’re actually not her type.
Sambro: Oh. -Logically- So she IS on my team?

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Planning for President Cruz & VP Coleman.

Kyle: Yeah see I'm definitely more public policy than diplomacy- ok lets run as a ticket then.
Sierra: Okay but I'm Madame President. You get to be Biden. Plus you should know I'm a horrible liar.
Kyle: Well how's that going to work then? I mean first a woman at the top of the ballot, and we can't lie? I'm not sure we could even take the primary
Sierra: Hahaha I'm not sure! I'll work on it? What do I have to lie about?Oh wait, everything. How else will we get monies? Also you forget my name, I'm not sure I can run with the name of Cruz now that Ted has ruined everything.Yeah I mean we've got to promise a few big banks, make a few friends in the oil business, we'll be fine.
Sierra: I'll let you think you're in charge, send you to the meetings to let the banks think they're in charge, you'll seal the deal, and I'll walk in and charm them a bit, smile, and sign where I need to.
Kyle: Good plan, you're definitely more charming than me haha. I'll just be the pure policy guy.
Sierra: Right, and I'll be the looks and brains.

So there’s that. 

black like my soul


04 Jul 12 at 10 pm

My 4th of July ‘Merica face yall.

My 4th of July ‘Merica face yall.

because it’s “good for your blood.”

These parents paranoid anemia thing…has its perks?


Sierra: I'm not feeling well.
Sam: ....is that a lady feeling?
11 Jun 12 at 12 pm

I’m actually a granola. 

In a beanie and hobbit birks. 

I’m actually a granola. 
In a beanie and hobbit birks. 
06 Jun 12 at 12 am
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sierracuse replied to your post: So proud of the Russian opposition for resisting United Russia today.

When it comes to Russia, I feel like there is so much to know. I also feel like I know none of it.

Keep following me and we’ll change that.  

Alright. I mean I know a lot of things about a lot of things, but I could stand to know more things about other things, particularly those of the Russian nature, ya know? 

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Stop it.

Pretty sure you’ve never heard this song if you’re saying this. 

Past how insanely goodlooking they are dude,the vocals dude, the lyrics dude, the musicality, DUDE HAVE A LISTEN.

05 Mar 12 at 1 am
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Seems Legit

Le homme: Band time
Moi: What is your specialty?
Le homme: Being cool.

We love gay men.

Sierra: Isn't he a homosexual?
Laura: That's the problem..but he's still sexy.

That’s the second time I’ve spelled government wrong. 

I should change my major.