03 Mar 14 at 12 pm

In my class notes

In my class notes
04 Sep 11 at 11 am


After the “success” of Denny’s Bacon Maple Sundae, the diner chain is going after some repeat business from the morbidly obese with their new “Mac & Cheese Big Daddy Patty Melt.”

The Big Daddy Patty Melt is a beef patty, mac and cheese, topped with more cheese, all on two slices of…

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The Informed Vegan: Denny's New Heart Attack Sandwich.
22 Apr 11 at 9 pm

Matt Miller

"I just ate a salad, I don’t know how you do it."

Nothing but a week to order in, read, watch movies and not wear pants, normally paradise but here? I might probably go crazy. 

My roommate luckily lives here and plans to make sure I am sane every few days. Love her. Best Asian in the world fah real. 

Last Friday, I drunkenly told her we are sisters and I love her. I said it alot.Ya know, cuz I was drunk. Also that Laura Frank is the yang to my yin. And that Hannah would be my best friend if she wasn’t busy with her sorority stuff. AND that I could see myself joining a convent….Drunk people never tell no lies.

Oh Texas, I miss you so.