22 Mar 13 at 6 pm

Robin Derrick, creative director of Vogue

Retouching the Consequences of Extreme Thinness 


"I spent the first ten years of my career making girls look thinner — and the last ten making them look larger."

Generally I’m a high functioning single person.

Except for days like today where rom-coms and cookies are the only things to console me.

I’ve enjoyed my munching the past week. And my body has rewarded me with two pounds. Yay.

22 Aug 11 at 3 pm

Quail <3 

Quail &lt;3 

Just had a thought. 

Right now what do most girls bitch about? Their weight and/or their single status, not always in that order but thats a general overview. And yeah, I like most people, am more or less displeased with that, but, man. 

This is what I’ll probably be thinking about in the back of my head for the next what? 10 years? 20 years? Till I’m married and can blame bodily woes on my spawn? 

Though, I will not stop eating and whore myself out Ke$ha style, but like everything there is a balance to this unhappiness to…happy.

Life’s too short to keep on keepin’ on with that thought train.