SC: You know whats great about therapy?
CL: What?
SC: You get to speak in metaphors and similes and it's perfectly acceptable. Because emotions are sometimes if not always abstract, but some figurative language and boom, it all makes sense

I still think we as a society don’t take mental health into enough consideration because we place too much emphasis on friends, and having friends to talk to, these makeshift therapeutic sessions important to both sexes are necessary for helping each other, for alleviating stress.

Humans are social creatures. But where we mess up is confiding in the wrong people, or people who just don’t know how to handle it because they also have confided in the wrong people before them..and I think we hurt each other this way. 

Then we do the next best thing, we cover up the hurt and we lie to ourselves and everyone else by pretending and performing to be okay. I think it’s a vicious cycle that plagues most everyone, and the only way to stop us from hurting each other, is to finally be courageous enough for one another to stand up and say “I’m not going to say what you expect me to say because it’s a lie and I am not okay.” When one person has strength enough to do this, you might inspire someone else too as well. We need to be there for one another, we need to remember we’re all we’ve got.   

05 Dec 11 at 1 am

Wayne Weiten, Psychology Themes and Variations 

"For the most part researchers have paid more attention to negative emotions than positive ones. Why have positive emotions been neglected? …there appear to be fewer positive emotions than negative ones."

Like, the passion. I don’t get it. 

Also I feel like the guys that I hate, Sparkle, Vineyard, my Arch Nemesis, if I gave them a shot with maybe the exception of Sparkle, I could just as easily love them if I got to know them, because the emotions are so close. 

Because that strong feeling, emotion, hate is so close to love. It’s like if I hate them so much, how easy would it be to love them as strongly?