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Unpopular Opinion: I like this. Whoever did this got exactly what they wanted, a reaction. Positive or overwhelmingly negative, whatever the case, they got it. What I am confused at is the expansive topics or subjects of the graffiti, topics spanning rape culture, free speech, or the always rising cost of our tuition. YES, it’s disturbing and sad that our beautiful buildings where blemished and YES, it’s infuriating to everyone at school who is truly proud to be a student at Syracuse University, and NO, I would never ever condone this, but I still choose to view it as constructive BECAUSE of the reaction it’s created and generated, that this reaction can be productive. 

We’ve become a society and a people that doesn’t pay attention, desensitized and ignorant to most, and I sincerely hope that while we’re angry, we think about exactly why we are so angry. Is it the message and the words used by these “vandals” or the very act of the vandalizing you are most angry with?

Several Syracuse University Buildings Vandalized With Spray Paint
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My school is ridiculous. Tonight is the presidential candidate debate for our student government (also ridiculous) but I’m looking for how to watch it, because I’m amigos with a lot of the candidates but I’m in Chile and our tv station has not made it easy for me to find, except OF COURSE the sports tab has like 6 different subjects underneath it, easy to navigate sports but not easy to navigate to find things about said student government issues. 
Ugh, I digress. 

One room is playing “Rock You like a Hurricane” 

and another is playing “Cyclone.”


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Campus Porn: Syracuse University

My schooool <3

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Hey Cuse, your orange (leaves) is showing (Taken with instagram)

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Hey Cuse, your orange (leaves) is showing (Taken with instagram)

Wednesday night is Kimmel Date Night.

And yes. It is cute. And yes. It is repulsive.


My floor is a ghost town. We don’t talk to each other, or acknowledge the others existence except for dear Colleen and Lizzie who I thankfully knew from last year. 

I mean I get that we’re all sophomores, we all have our own friends, but I’ve always been the kind of person who enjoys saying hi to the inhabitants of my surroundings, and maybe that’s just too much to expect out of everyone. 

Dang. (Deh-ng.)

Air Orange X I hate you. You claim to be quicker and more reliable than ever but in reality you are never there! You are unpredictable, and I hate you.

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Reasons why I love Isaac Garcia:

Isaac: Can we please find boys this year?