Trying to put my human rights paper together, more specifically on womens rights. So many spheres to women’s rights, at the heart the battle for equality and entitlement of a citizen equal to that of a man.

Yo. I don’t know what I’m doing. So much information. 

My fever finally came down but my body is tired of trying to fight it. I’m so tired 

The fever comes back when I don’t take medicine, my parents said I’ve had it for too long, it’s not good for my brain and stuff, and they have demanded I go to the doctor, or the physicians assistant or whoever the hell fake doctor they have at health services.

Here’s the thing.

  • I want to go to NYC tomorrow, c’mon its for UNICEF, hopefully the people I will be working for one day, them or UNWOMEN? Whatever I’d take it. I already paid for the ticket, where I’m staying etc. 
  • I need to go to the library and begin building a bibliography for this mofo before my bus leaves at 2 tomorrow. 
  • I don’t have an appointment or time to go to health services for them to tell me to take 2 sugars in my tea instead of one too keep my calorie intake up. 
  • ^They’re stupid.
  • My ears hurt. Throat is scratchy. I feel like someone’s stealing my energy.
  • I want cookies.
  • All I ever want is cookies. (Lately my food has consisted of nothing but warm smooshy stuff, not exactly the plant matter I’m used to consuming…) 
  • I packed my bag anyway…


  • Husband
  • Family
  • Child 
  • Home
  • Garden
  • Job

Right now?  

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Today, out with Leticia eating lunch at McAllister’s her friend and her son walked up to us and said hello. He was very nice. We chatted and got along, he’s 23 and wants to move to Boston, and thinks pretty highly of my school. He is not ugly.