29 Jul 14 at 8 pm
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Today my parents argued about the difference between parchment paper and wax paper.

26 Jul 14 at 3 pm
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It’s just crazy comforting knowing she exists you know? Like time and distance are very much alive and real but I love knowing she’s real

29 Jun 14 at 11 pm
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Finally bought a hookah pen.
-sneaks into bathroom to smoke it-
I didn’t know I missed you

Honestly I wish it was weed
In the from for a brownie
Or LSD i don’t know I wanna be lost out my mind
I wanna know why dust forms and study it’s microscopic components

I love it when you type obscure drug science thoughts

21 Mar 14 at 11 am
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New friends are interesting.
They end up making all kind of mistakes
That they don’t know are mistakes. 
It’s endearing. 
Till I have to crush them and tell them I don’t eat Chipotle. 

My dating strategy? 
I call it “nah.”

30 Dec 13 at 12 am

kinda looks like a chip version of nacho patrick star tbh 

so like you’ve hit bikini BOTTOM? 

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kinda looks like a chip version of nacho patrick star tbh 
so like you’ve hit bikini BOTTOM? 
Me: How do I turn on my read receipts?
My sister: Don't be that bitch


I’ve discovered that my friend loves to get me drunk because when I’ve had enough to drink I start telling people (due to liquid confidence) that their discourse is cisnormative and that their labour is exploited for surplus value.

I’m fun at parties.

yes, when can we party? 

18 Dec 12 at 7 pm

Friends little brother. 

"I like my women like I like my coffee….bitter."

14 Oct 12 at 10 pm


"I have like 20,000 boyfriends."

01 Sep 12 at 3 pm


I mean yeah Sam, sometimes I do that 

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"Hey Sierra do you talk to any straight guys?"

11 Aug 12 at 11 pm
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Long layover today because

Sierra: ...they're missing a flight attendant.
Laura: WHAT
Sierra: Yeah we're waiting on her to show up

This guy.

Guy: If your day was a color what would it be?
Me: Yellow, but not a bright yellow but a yellow because it wasn't all bad, more like a dull goldenrod yellow.
Guy: You're looking at the menu aren't you?
Me: No.
Guy: *smirk*
Me: I was looking at the yellow on your hat.
16 Jun 12 at 12 am
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sierracuse replied to your photo: Tumblr Crushes: sierracuse ninaesse faineemae …

Hahahah I’m da HBIC

It’s gotta be youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

Circlesss we’re going in circlesss dizzy is all it makes usssss 

I’ve tried playin cool, but when I’m looking at your blog, I can’t ever be cool, cause it makes my heart raceee

All that you want is under your nose, IiiiI wanna save your reblogs tonight, other blogs will only break you, leave ya torn apart. IiiiiiI wanna save ya save ya save your reblogsssss

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